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     Vie is a Christian, Haitian-American  singer and songwriter. She was born in Brooklyn, NY but primarily raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. Since Vie was  a young girl she knew that God placed a calling on her life to pursue music. Vie began writing and arranging songs when she was in Elementary School. As Vie grew older she began to sing in her church choir, church praise and worship team, and pursue music endeavors with her sister and her cousin. Vie formally studied Vocal performance under a professional Jazz singer at the Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts. Vie studied Classical Voice under an Opera Instructor and a Classical Voice Instructor while attending Temple University in Philadelphia. Vie plays guitar in order to enhance her song writing skills. Vie's musical style brings a refreshing and unique approach to music due to the fact that her approach combines multiple musical-genres and her songs carry real-life messages. Vie's hope is that her music will point people all over the world to God’s love and she hopes that her music will encourage people to show kindness, selfless-love, and respect to one another.